the beginning

the beginning

It was sometime in late September 2018, in Earth years.

A force had been pulling me out beyond the stars. 

One evening I felt the gravity of this immense energy, a bewitching power so significant it could not be ignored. In an instant I was transported to a new world. The world of Planet Moon Rock.

Upon arrival, a shadow of a structure was cast upon my feet. As I wandered closer the image of an outpost became clear. A modest sign read Moon Rock Paper, and within this outpost held a vast inventory of whimsical goods. I documented every sight, sound, smell and feeling about this foreign yet familiar space. 

I felt a need to share my findings and treasures with my fellow Earthlings, for new sights and perspectives are always necessary in life. The evidence of more discovery here is absolute, as this is merely one fragment.

Come with me and we will explore this expansive cosmic utopia. 

Welcome to Planet Moon Rock.

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